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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dance of Functional Programming

Languaging with Haskell and Python

A brief map of readings:
  1. Imperative Programming: lessons not learnt :  Central ideas of programming that the mainstream has, and yet is slow to pick up
  2. OOP is the largest snake-oil business and also the biggest mess.
    We dont need no OOOOO Orientation is a starting point for debunking the rubbish.
    [Earlier ones here and here and here ]
  3. The lost booty gives a few of the basic features of classic functional programming that are getting obscured by the modern craze for type-hackery.  In this course we intend to redress this balance.
  4. FP is a more sane paradigm than the others but is not without some philosophical issues.
  5. This course will be more pictorial than similar courses – featuring pics, mindmaps and animations.
  6. For those wanting a taste of the general philosophy of the course:
    • CS education is fat and weak (best read along with prequel ) give a summary view of my experiences and outlook regarding CS/programming education.
    • If the usual grading scheme is taken to be one-dimensional (A,B,C,D,F grades), what would a 3-dimensional education be like?  I wrote  3-dimensional education when I was at the university and it was targeted at grading.  It however also carries the ideas of how to conduct in a 3-d way


  1. Hello sir, I am Sumit, I've registered on the given link but didn't find the information about when the course will start or any course material links.

  2. Hi Sumit
    The mooc courses start around Aug Sept.
    This course will come up if it gets enough votes. So get your friends to vote! And ask me clarifications if needed.

    More detailed course material to come up shortly


  3. Hello Sir,

    I have voted for this course on the MOOC fellowship site, I understand that this course would be available only if there are enough votes, so if I am not mistaken into asking whether this course would be made available despite not being selected by the juries ?

    1. Hi Ashwin

      THIS course of course depends on votes/jury etc -- the whole mooc process.
      However we have other courses on the anvil -- keep in touch if you wish to stay informed

    2. That's wonderful to hear as the essence of MOOC( not the MOOC fellowship process) rather the culture of MOOC is to make available quality courses online to students.