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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

ACM FDP – Invited Talk

I was an invited speaker at the ACM faculty development program (FDP) organized jointly by ACM and VIT Pune on 9th July 2014.
The stuff of my talk — and good deal of other stuff that I did not manage to cover for lack of time :D — is put up at github.

To view, you will need
  • Freeplane to read the mindmaps
  • Gofer (with my modifications) for running the code

    The original gofer is an excellent piece of software by Mark Jones.  Those who find Haskell frighteningly difficult may find this more approachable.

About the code examples:
  • The examples I showed — Nat and Expression trees — are in simple
  • A toy but fuller denotational semantics for a tiny imperative language is in denot (which I never reached!!)
  • A slightly more realistic example (which I never expected to reach) is in denotwithparser
If you have further questions let me know

And finally the dancing λ (direct access) thanks to my artist friend Saket Anand!

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