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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Celebration of Obsolescence

Today is 13 Jan 2016, 150 years from the birth of G I Gurdjieff

Here's something I had written for a 13th Jan some years ago as my understanding of the message of Gurdjieff's magnum opus: Beelzebub's tales [Mr. B!]

We celebrate patriotism yet from the plane we see no lines
We celebrate humanity but humans are killing all life — including themselves
We celebrate art — For the neurotics by the psychotics
We celebrate religion — as an institutionalized way of hating 'others'
We celebrate technology to cure each of our problems — but technology
is our biggest problem
We celebrate science — Oh the vast aggrandisement of ignorance
We celebrate spirituality — The hysteria of the hypnotized

On this 13th of Jan, we celebrate our OBSOLETE WORLD!

Help us Mr B…

To laugh without cynicism
To weep without sentimentality
To live love
And to die free

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