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Friday, October 21, 2011

Vagaries of Intelligence

To grow a chip on a grain of silicon
   And see god in a programmer
Store infinity in recursing automaton
   And decidability in a compiler

A source-tree filled with cases by the horde
   Shudders hell through the Intel board
A programmer unslept, working late
   Predicts the ruin of machine state

A pointer lost, then caught ‘n followed
   ‘A faulted address’, the user bellow’d
Each outcry of crashing bloatware
   A fibre from the brain does tear

A reckless burst of bug-filled code
   An outsourc'd soul frets in his 'bode
Bytes of logic with thought and care
    The heat sink fan’s answer'd prayer

The nerd who breathes a virus to life
   Shall never be lov’d by child nor wife
He who has set an e-thread to flame
   His creative streak shall wither in shame

A flippant dolt who triggers a troll
   A million miles away, plants a security hole
For a Trojan boot and Worm playing foul
   Through Carpal’s tunnel a soul does howl

Every crash and every tweak
   Some endure with whine and creak
Every tweak and every run
   Some revel in freakful fun

Every `cracked’ and running byte
   Some arise with coding might

Some destined to code delight
   Some are born to giga blight

Re-engineered from Billy Blakes

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